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Teaching in this Fall’s Post-Pandemic World: Addressing the Academic Needs of the “Way High” and “Way Low” Students (Part II)

For Some Students, There Will Be No COVID-19 SlideDear Colleagues,Introduction   The pandemic clearly is not over.    In fact, over the past two weeks, the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths have inc...

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Start the School Day Later? How Students Use their After-School Time, Media and Smartphones, and Opportunities to Sleep

Use Your Time to Read this Blog !!!Dear Colleagues,As we all take time this long holiday weekend to think about everything that we are thankful for, I’ve been thinking about the issue of time that kee...

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When Kids Can’t Read: Policy and Practice Mistakes that Make it Worse

Reading Proficiency, Unprepared Students, Untrained Teachers, and Ill-Advised Responses: A National Dilemma and New National ReportDear Colleagues,Since the early 1990s (and even before), our schools...

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