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Congratulations on Your On-Line Professional Development Purchase

This is the entry page to a number of different on-line professional workshops presented by Dr. Howie. These workshops have been delivered to live and virtual audiences hundreds of times--so their content has been "field-tested" and "audience-approved." NOTE that all courses are purchased "In Perpetuity"--that is, they are available to each purchaser for the "lifetime" of this website. While purchases (and entrance codes) are non-transferable (due to Federal Copyright law), workshops can be viewed by others in the presence of the Purchaser. If a User Name or Password is shared with a non-purchaser, this copyright violation will result in the withdrawal of access to any and all workshops available to the Purchaser.

Each workshop comes with Handouts and Certificates of Attendance.

Below are the current Professional Development workshops available. The Log-In to access these workshops is after each title.

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PD Workshop 1 (Full-Day):

Establishing Effective Stress- and Trauma-Sensitive SEL School Practices: Multi-Tiered Prevention, Intervention, and Emotional Supports
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PD Workshop 2 (Full-Day):

Teaching Students Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Skills to Improve Their Engagement, Learning, Interpersonal Skills, and Self-Control
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