Free Webinar: Teaching Students to Cope with Stress

Coping with Stress in a Stressful World: Teaching Students How to Manage Their Emotions, Thoughts, and Behavior

      This four-session video-course is for administrators, general and special education teachers, related service professionals (counselors, educational/school psychologists, social workers), and other interested educators or clinicians.

      The course differentiates between anxiety, stress, and trauma, and discuss how students’ emotional “triggers” result in fight, flight, or freeze responses. We talk about ways to teach students emotional self-regulation in the classroom so that they learn how to prevent and prepare for stressful situations. And, we address how to analyze why some students still have difficulties, and what cognitive-behavioral interventions our mental health professionals may need to consider. All of this is adapted for both general and special education classrooms.

    Here's What You Receive with this Course:
  • 6 Hours of Video Expertise from Dr. Howie Knoff (On-demand and Available to View Anytime and Forever)
  • Audiofiles of Each Presentation
  • Powerpoint Handouts for Each Presentation
  • Additional Readings and Field-tested Implementation Tools
  • Relevant Project ACHIEVE Monographs
  • Quizzes and 12-Hour Certificate of Attendance

0 Stress Course Syllabus 2021.pdf

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Watch this FREE 32-minute Video Presentation on "Coping with Stress in a Stressful World"


[0 Stress Course Syllabus 2021.pdf]
[CLICK HERE for a More Detailed Description and/or to Purchase this On-Line Course]

BONUS EduTalk Radio Interview: Differentiating Between Student Stress and Pandemic Trauma

Listen to Howie's 41-minute interview and discussion with Host Larry Jacobs on EduTalk Radio (September 24, 2020). The interview focuses on the differences between student stress and students who are traumatized, and how that impacts how schools should address these students' different needs [Audio only].