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     Key2Ed, Inc. is recognized as the national authority on facilitating family and school partnerships. We conduct workshops for thousands of educators nationwide. We contract with individual school districts, regional cooperatives, and state departments of education to introduce this vital skill set. Clients report overwhelming satisfaction with the training and report that implementation of the training yields improved relationships between staff and families and collaborative meetings that focus on the needs of the student, which ultimately yields positive student outcomes and decreases parent and staff stress.

     The Key2Ed workshops are designed to present techniques and strategies to promote effective meeting facilitation. Participants learn to utilize facilitation skills to make meetings run smoothly, efficiently, and collaboratively. Also, participants learn multiple preventions, interventions, and solutions for conflict. These skills result in reduced stress and shortened meetings, all while building trust and a collaborative partnership between and among IEP team members.

Targeted Participants

  • Special education administrators
  • Building level administrators
  • Special education teachers
  • General education teachers
  • IEP coordinators
  • School support staff such as school psychologists and speech specialists
  • Parents
  • Students
  • State Mediators

Sample of Available Workshops (Virtual & On-Site)

  • IEP Meeting Facilitation
  • Advanced IEP Meeting Facilitation I
  • Advanced IEP Meeting Facilitation II
  • IEP Meeting Stakeholders
  • Digging Deep: IEP Facilitation and District Consultation
  • Exemplary Customer Service in Our Schools

On-Going Support

     Key2Ed supports participants 24-hour per day, 365 days per year through telephone, email communication, and teleconferencing. If a participant wants a Key2Ed associate to help them prepare for an upcoming IEP meeting and/or debrief after a meeting, an associate is available to coach the participant.

     This enables Key2Ed to ensure that the process will be used properly and to the maximum benefit for IEP meeting participants. It also reduces the possibility of the "dusty manual syndrome," that is, workshops where information is presented and even implemented for a short time, and then shelved for lack of support from the workshop presenters.

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