News: Responding to World Crises

Strategies for Safe, Productive Classroom Conversations on Race, Religion, and National/ World Events: It’s Not If, It Should Be When

Many challenging, controversial, and emotional social issues have impacted the climate and interactions across students, staff, and schools. To ensure that discussions around these issues are safe and...

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A 2023 Review of Education’s Most (De)Pressing Issues: Productive Practices to Address the Pressure Points in Your District or School

Blog presents a year-end review of the most-pressing issues in education during 2023. It then addresses these issues and their solutions by reviewing our twenty-three 2023 Blogs as organized in five t...

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Bringing Justness to Terrorism, Murder, History, and Heartbreak: It’s Not Alright (Part II—A Eulogy of Resolve)

On Saturday, October 7th—a Jewish holiday—Hamas terrorists entered Israel from the Gaza Strip and tortured and slaughtered over 1,400 innocent Israelis, injured over 2,200 more, and kidnapped over 200...

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