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How to Organize, Survive, and Thrive During Your School Re-Opening: The Pandemic Power of Three

How Understanding Small School Districts Can Help the Larger OnesIntroduction   Like many of my colleagues in education, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced me to think, act, and react in very different...

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Student Engagement (Down), Teacher Job Satisfaction (Down), School Safety and Academic Expectations (Down)

Helping to Raise our Students and Schools UpDear Colleague,In today’s message, I am actually going to start with the “punch lines” and work backwards.In working backwards, I am going to weave together...

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Be a Hero to Your District’s Administrators: How to Stop Your Best Teachers from Leaving your School, District, and their Profession

Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Recruiting, Training, and then Losing Your Best TeachersDear Colleagues,Having spent another week consulting in a very rural area of the country (and driving to work in 1...

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