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On-Line PD Courses: The “Seven Sure Solutions” Series

Over the past 40 years, Dr. Howie has delivered thousands of keynotes, presentations, seminars, master classes, workshops, and course across the country and internationally. Given these and his on-site consultation experiences, he has developed a series of on-line courses that are informative, current, practical, and that produce field-tested results. These courses are organized in The Seven Sure Solutions Series because each course discusses seven science-to-practice components that are needed to accomplish its field-based outcomes.

His current courses include:

  • Coping with Stress [Coping with Stress in a Stressful World: Teaching Students How to Manage Their Emotions, Thoughts, and Behavior]

      This four-session video-course is for administrators, general and special education teachers, related service professionals (counselors, educational/school psychologists, social workers), and other interested educators or clinicians.

      The course differentiates between anxiety, stress, and trauma, and discuss how students’ emotional “triggers” result in fight, flight, or freeze responses. We talk about ways to teach students emotional self-regulation in the classroom so that they learn how to prevent and prepare for stressful situations. And, we address how to analyze why some students still have difficulties, and what cognitive-behavioral interventions our mental health professionals may need to consider. All of this is adapted for both general and special education classrooms.

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  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support[Implementing Effective Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports: Academic and Social-Emotional Prevention, Assessment, and Intervention]

     This seven-session (with two Bonus Sessions) professional development video-course provides everything that districts and schools need to evaluate, redesign, and implement their own successful multi-tiered systems of support. Designed for district and school administrators, student service and special education directors, and related services personnel, this is accomplished by providing field-tested tested, step by step information on how (a) to implement a sequential MTSS process with decision rules on involving consultants, early intervention specialists, the MTSS Building-level Team, and services for students with disabilities; (b) to establish a well-functioning MTSS Building-level Team; (c) use a science-to-practice data-based problem-solving process to analyze struggling students; and (d) how to link functional assessment results to high probability of success academic or social, emotional, and behavioral interventions.

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Virtual/On-Line Professional Development/Zoom Presentations and Keynotes

Howie has presented well over 4,000 invited keynotes, workshops, in-services, and presentations-- nationally and internationally-- during his 40+ year career. He now periodically offers national and international professional development workshops on his virtual Zoom platform. Presenting to audiences from 50 to over 2,500, his presentations focus on such topics as strategic planning, SEL and school discipline, multi-tiered services, functional assessment and root cause analysis, and social, emotional, and behavioral interventions for challenging students. His presentations are relevant, incisive, up-beat, engaging, and entertaining. With the ability to provide important research-based information in a clear, concise, and understandable way, Howie is always "in demand" at international, national, state, and local (virtual) levels.

On-Line Professional Development Library:

Immediately Available On-Line PD Presentations

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PD Workshop 1 (Full-Day): Establishing Effective Stress- and Trauma-Sensitive SEL School Practices: Multi-Tiered Prevention, Intervention, and Emotional Supports


PD Workshop 2 (Full-Day): Teaching Students Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Skills to Improve Their Engagement, Learning, Interpersonal Skills, and Self-Control


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Library of Webinar Presentations

Howie is continually invited to provide national and international webinars in his areas of expertise. Whenever possible, he places the webinar recordings, and their related handouts and materials, into a Webinar Library that is available on an annual subscription basis. Subscribers get unlimited access to all of the webinars in the password-protected library—which is continually updated or expanded. While access and passwords are non-transferable (due to Federal Copyright law), webinars can be projected directly from the Library for group viewing.

Below are the current holdings in the Library, and a link for additional descriptions and subscription purchase.

Current Webinar Catalog

  • Enhancing Trauma Stress-Sensitive Schools: Addressing Students' Multi-Tiered Emotional Self-Regulation Needs [Expanded Webinar for the National Association of School Psychologists; July 8, 2020]
  • Teaching Students Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Self-Control and Self-Management Skills: Applying This Instruction to Students with Challenging Behavior   [Insights to Behavior; June 17, 2020]
  • Ten Multi-Tiered Practices that Explain Why Students Ain't Learning  [Step X Step "Straight Talk" International Conference; May 28, 2020]
  • Solving the Disproportionality Dilemma through an Effective School Discipline, Classroom Management, and Student Self-Management System   [Insights to Behavior; April 15, 2020]
Other Recent Presentations in the Webinar Library
  • An ESEA Guide to Strategic Planning, Shared Leadership, and Student Success  [Creative Leadership Solutions]
  • Planning Your Multi-Tiered (MTSS) Services for Next Year by Analyzing Your Current Students' Needs Today  [Creative Leadership Solutions]
  • Building Academic and Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Progress for All Students  [PresenceLearning]
  • SEL: Critical Steps to Implementing a Comprehensive School-Wide Evidence-Based Program  [Illuminate Education; with Dr. Chris Balow]
  • Conducting Quarterly Student Achievement Review (Q-STAR) Meetings: An Early Identification & ESSA Progress Monitoring Approach [Illuminate Education; with Dr. Chris Balow]
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On-Line PD Courses: The “Seven Sure Solutions” Series

Howie's soon to be available courses include:

  • Course A.  The Seven Sure Solutions for Improving Student Outcomes through School Improvement, Strategic Planning, and Systemic Change
  • Course B.  The Seven Sure Solutions for School Discipline, Classroom Management, and Student Self-Management (Integrating Social-Emotional Learning and Positive Behavioral Support Systems, while Addressing Inequity and Disproportionality)
  • Course C.   The Seven Sure Solutions for Teaching Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Skills to Students: Improving Academic Engagement and Self-Management from Preschool to High School
  • Course D.  The Seven High-Hit Reasons for Students’ Challenging Behavior: A 21st Century Process Linking Functional Assessment to Effective Intervention
  • Course E.  The Seven High-Hit Tier 2 Interventions Addressing Students' Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom