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Establishing Effective Stress- and Trauma-Sensitive SEL School Practices: Multi-Tiered Prevention, Intervention, and Emotional Supports

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Brief Overview

  Even more so since the Pandemic, all students need to feel safe and connected to adults and peers in all school settings and experiences. Students experiencing significant social, emotional, and behavioral stress especially need this security.

   In the context of SEL, this presentation will discuss a multi-tiered prevention, strategic intervention, and intensive need/crisis response system of services, supports, and interventions for students experiencing significant levels of stress, trauma, and other emotional triggers.

   Outcomes focus especially on developing these students’ interpersonal, social problem-solving, conflict prevention and resolution, and emotional control and coping skills.  This requires the collaboration of everyone in the school through school-wide stress (not just trauma)-sensitive approaches that create school-wide environments where all children, including those who have been traumatized, can be successful.